Got Questions About Your Septic System?

If your house has a septic tank system, read this carefully because your family is at a high risk of getting sick!

You see, there are three types of bacteria always present in your septic tank system.

  • aerobic bacteria, which is the good bacteria that helps break down waste.
  • anaerobic bacteria - they are less efficient at breaking down waste - in fact they hardly do any work inside your septic tank, and they are typically carriers of disease.
  • fecal coliforms

Recent studies have proven that having anaerobic bacteria in your septic tank is an indicator that pathogens like typhoid, e-coly, salmonella, and cholera, even viruses, like those that cause polio and Hepatitis A, may be present in your septic tank.

These dangerous pathogens from septic systems can contaminate groundwater, and if they somehow flow back into your home or out into your garden through the drain field... your family can get sick.

In 2009, eight houses in Swan's Island, Maine experienced a Hepatitis A outbreak. An infected family spread the virus to 8 other households.

The contamination occurred because the family's malfunctioning septic system diverted waste water in the ground.

One individual died!

Luckily for you...

A team of 14 scientists from a prestigious university in US have developed a tiny but special 55 grams tab that destroys all these pathogens and viruses by neutralizing the waste water from your septic tank...

Keeping your family, your neighbors and the environment SAFE!

So, if you own or live in a house with a septic system, be sure to check out the page below, because your family's well being is in danger!

Tiny Tab Destroys ALL Pathogens From Your Septic Tank!

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